A Loan Repayment Schedule to Eliminate Your Student Loans

A Loan Repayment Schedule to Eliminate Your Student Loans

A National Crisis

For many individuals and our nation as a whole, the problem of student loans is a persistent concern. In fact, the crisis at the national level is even impacting the rate of the housing recovery. According to a recent statement by a spokesperson for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “Three-fourths of the fall in household formation can be directly correlated to student debt.”  Instead of having a loan repayment schedule, many people burdened with student loans are concerned with the amounts they owe and want no more debt.

The article in Time magazine that quotes the spokesperson also points out that there is now more than $1 trillion in student loans outstanding. Further, more than 81 percent of the those indebted owe more than $40,000 and have interest rates of 8 percent or higher.

Some of the problems with this debt include:

  • It is often held by private lenders at higher rates
  • It can seldom be refinanced
  • It can’t be discharged in bankruptcy
  • There is seldom any repayment flexibility

These issues combine to make student loans something to get paid off as quickly as possible, although that seems an impossible task for many.

Half A Payment™

Finding a Solution 3

If you’re one of the millions wanting to find a loan repayment schedule to help eliminate your debt, you’ll be excited by the news Half A Payment™ has to share with you. You can visit our website and use some of the simple tools, such as an extra payment calculator, we provide to show how you can get out of debt from your student loans much faster than you thought possible.

In fact, we have tools that can also help you take care of any type of debt, including:

  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Auto Loans

We provide some useful calculators let you calculate loan payoffs that quickly show you just how much time and money you can save following our two powerful debt elimination secrets.

A Plan that Works

We show our followers how to get out of debt by using two basic concepts. Those include 1) make half your regular payment twice a month and 2) add a little extra to each payment. With a tool such as our extra payment calculator, you will quickly see just how much difference these two steps will make in eliminating your student debt and other types of debt.

Half A Payment™

Many people are amazed when they use our tools to calculate loan payoff savings. By following our concepts, the loan repayment schedule can shrink by years and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest payments.

If you’re tired of being in debt, visit the Half A Payment™ website and use the extra payment calculator to see how quickly you can gain financial freedom. You just enter a few numbers and we instantly provide you with the total time and dollars you save when you apply our two tools to your debt.

Once you’ve eliminated your student loan debt, you can use our loan payment calculator to also check out your other debts. If you find it is great to get rid of your student loans, just imagine how you’ll feel after you use the extra payment calculator and go to work on your mortgage. Once you’re motivated to save thousands on interest, you’ll be on the road to be totally debt free.

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December 16, 2013
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