The Loan Payoff Calculator Route to Financial Freedom

The Loan Payoff Calculator Route to Financial Freedom

The Loan Payoff Calculator and Financial Freedom

Many people today don’t realize that it is actually possible to achieve financial freedom from debt. With the burden that many face from mortgages, credit cards, and other sources of debt, the idea of paying off all their loans seems to be a fantasy. Even worse, many continue to add to their load of debt. According to an article in Time magazine this year, Americans are back on the road to debt after a brief period of austerity. It highlighted the fact that even though Americans had a lower level of mortgage debt, they increased in just one quarter:

  • Credit card debt by $2 billion
  • Car loans by $18 billion
  • Student loan debt by $23 billion

In spite of these numbers, we provide a loan payoff calculator at Half A Payment™ that shows just how easy it is to achieve freedom from debt with our simple concepts. We also provide a student loan calculator and a mortgage payoff calculator. With many people approaching retirement age, most financial planners tell us that having no debt in retirement is one of the keys to living with financial security.

Understanding the Problem

One of the first steps to understanding why it seems so hard to get out of debt is understanding the principles that work against you. Loans are set up so that you pay interest first every month on your outstanding balance. Especially with mortgages, that means very little of your payment goes to paying down you debt, it simply goes to interest.

 What our loan payoff calculator shows is that if you follow our concepts of breaking your monthly payment into two equal amounts and adding a little to each payment, you can beat this trap. When you reduce the outstanding balance each month, that means less of your payment goes to interest the next month.

You can also see this effect when you use our:

  • Student loan calculator and
  • Mortgage payoff calculator
  • Credit card payoff calculator

Half A Payment Biweekly Payments

All you have to do is visit our website and use our loan payoff calculator to map your route to financial freedom from debt. Simply enter some basic information in the right areas for the loan payoff calculator you choose. Instantly, you’ll be shown just how much you can save while paying off your debts months or years earlier. Instead of taking as much as 20 years to payoff when making only minimum monthly payments, our loan payoff calculator will show you the amazing power of using our concepts.

If you’ve given up on the idea of freedom from debt, it’s time to get renewed hope by visiting our website. We aim to provide you the motivation to get on the road to financial freedom from debt. You can enter retirement free of debt and live the type of life you’ve been dreaming of when you take the time to understand how easy it is to use our concepts to do more than just pay interest to you lenders every month.

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December 8, 2013
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