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Use a Student Loan Calculator to Get Out of Debt Quickly

Dealing with the Burden of Student Loans

When you are young and excited about preparing for a new career, it is easy to pile up a lot of debt for your education without giving much thought to repayment. However, many people today are burdened with significant debt levels from their student loans. Dealing with the problem can seem to be impossible. However, you can use a student loan calculator at Half A Payment™ and gain new hope about your situation. As our easy-to-use payoff calculator will show you, it is possible to make real progress on getting rid of this debt and saving thousands of dollars in the process. We apply some basic principles to the process of debt management that provide significant relief from what otherwise can be insurmountable levels of debt. Our student loan payoff calculator provides powerful insights into the process with just a few inputs from you.

Half A Payment Biweekly Payments

You Can’t Afford to Avoid the Situation

While a student loan calculator can show you the path to eliminating the debt, it is important that you understand why this is important to your financial health. According to American Student Assistance, there are severe penalties to defaulting on student loans. These include:

  • A possible demand for immediate repayment of the total debt
  • The addition of expensive legal fees to your balance
  • Garnishment of up to 15 percent of your paycheck
  • Garnishment of state and federal payments due you, including tax refunds
  • Loss of eligibility for any federal educational aid
  • Other penalties such as loss of forbearance and deferment options.

 In short, you will find it far wiser to work your way out of the problem with the principles behind a student loan payoff calculator than ignoring the issue. Instead of being intimidated or overwhelmed by what seems to be a huge balance, you can break the debt down into a workable solution with a student loan calculator.

How it Works

When you visit Half A Payment™ to use our student loan payoff calculator, you simply put in a few pieces of information such as your balance due, monthly payment, and the interest rate. We then show you the power of using our system by making half your payment twice a month and adding a small additional amount to each payment. The payoff calculator does its work and immediately shows just how much time and money you can save while eliminating your student loan debt. With the information we provide, you can view your student debt in a totally new light and have the motivation to tackle the problem rather than avoiding it.  

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October 12, 2013
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