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Slaying the Dragon

We would like the opportunity to show you how our simple payoff calculator can be the tool that motivates you to slay your dragon of personal debt. While it is depressing that CNNMoney reports the median American household debt is more than $75,600, the more stunning fact is that only 57 percent of all American families earn more than they spend each year. That means the other 43 percent continue to sink further into debt. Unfortunately, much of that is caused by interest payments on existing obligations.

The professionals at the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors deal with millions of individuals and couples in developing personal financial plans and estate plans. In one of their articles, this financial services organization makes the point that this issue of debt can be an all-consuming beast. They focus on just three of many problems that are directly related to uncontrolled debt, which their planners call the Triple Whammy:

  • Health problems
  • Psychological problems
  • Social problems

Half A Payment™

Our commitment at Half A Payment™ is to help Americans turn this devastating trend around and work towards eliminating their debts. We have two simply but very powerful methods that are illustrated by our easy to use payoff calculator and extra payment calculator. We also provide a mortgage payoff calculator that shows how to legally and easily save thousands of dollars in interest costs on your mortgage. Those savings mean you will eliminate months or years off the time you have to pay on your home loan.

Two Methods to Fight the Triple Whammy

Rather than yielding to the effects of debt that are pointed out by the NAPFP and suffered daily by millions of Americans, make a quick visit to our Half A Payment™ website. Our easy-to-use pay off calculator and extra payment calculator will get you excited about the real potential to eliminate your debt burden. You just put in a few items that allow these tools to provide a personalized analysis of your situation.

Half A Payment™

Once you provide the two or three pieces of information, you’ll immediately see just how fast you can get past the slavery of monthly minimum payments and be debt free. Our system provides the motivation by showing how quickly this can happen and the thousands of dollars you will save in the process.

At Half A Payment™ we will explain how applying our methods of 1) making half your monthly payment twice a month and 2) adding a little to each payment will produce amazing results for you. And we help you look at each area of debt. For example, our mortgage payoff calculator shows many how to legally save tens of thousands in interest expense. We also deal with credit card, student loan, and auto debt.

We welcome you to our Half A Payment™ website and your first step to freedom from debt.

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November 10, 2013
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