How Does It Work
Here at Half a Payment, we want you to understand exactly how biweekly payment plans work. We are not a lender. We’re a bill payment service that automatically collects payments from you and sends them to your lenders on your behalf. You can make biweekly mortgage payments, auto loan payments, auto lease payments, student loan payments, credit card payments, and any other type of recurring bill payment using Half a Payment.

Pay Half a Payment Every Two Weeks
Instead of paying your bill in full each month, you can take control of your finances and pay Half a Payment every two weeks. Most lenders won’t actually accept partial biweekly loan payments, but we will, and we’ll pass along a full payment to the lender every month. This means you’ll never miss a due date, and you’ll pay your bills on a schedule that works for you. Plus, you’ll pay off your debt faster because you’ll actually make two extra half payments each year. These go straight toward reducing your principal balance, which also lowers your interest cost in the future.

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Pick Your Debit Days to Match Your Paycheck Cycle
One of the hardest things about paying bills every month is having them not match up evenly with your paychecks. At Half a Payment, you are in control of deciding when you want to pay your bills. Because we collect Half a Payment every two weeks, this corresponds perfectly with your pay cycles. Most people choose to pay their bills a day or two after they get paid so they aren’t tempted to spend their bill money.

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We Automatically Send Extra Payments to Your Lender
Because most months have slightly more than four weeks, you end up making an extra Half a Payment every six months. On these occasions, we’ll send the extra half payment directly to your lender and instruct the lender to apply it toward reducing your principal balance. Once we start applying your extra payment toward reducing your principal balance, the portion of all of your future payments that goes toward interest is lower. This means all of your future payments include more principal repayment than originally scheduled. These small effects add up, especially as another extra Half a Payment goes to your lender every six months while you’re enrolled in the program.

Use our biweekly payment calculator to see how smaller biweekly payments can add up quickly

Track Your Payments and Progress
After you sign up with Half a Payment, you’ll be able to log into our website around the clock and check how you’re doing on your biweekly mortgage payments and other payments on each of your loans. Plus, see when your extra Half a Payment will go to your lender and set your preferences to receive email alerts. If you need to make any changes to your account or add more loans to the Half a Payment plan, you can do this all through our online interface.

Repay Debt Even Faster With
We give you the freedom to pay more than Half a Payment every two weeks if you would like to reach your payoff date sooner. Just add any fixed amount, from $1 to several hundred dollars, to each payment and we’ll automatically deduct that amount. We’ll send along your extra payments every month to help you reduce your principal balance even more quickly and cut your interest cost.

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Try Our Program With a 90-Day Risk-Free Trial
You don’t have to pay anything upfront to enroll in Half a Payment’s biweekly payment plan, and you can try it risk-free for 90 days. We do add a convenience charge of $1.95 to each payment to cover our administrative costs of transferring funds electronically and mailing paper checks to your lender. If you cancel before 90 days have elapsed, this convenience charge will be your only cost!

We charge a one-time program fee based on your monthly payment that we take from your extra half payments. The half payments occur approximately once every six months. If you aren’t satisfied with Half a Payment for any reason, simply cancel your enrollment before 90 days have elapsed and you won’t be charged the program fee at all.

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Use Our Calculators to Learn How Much You Can Save!
Still not convinced Half a Payment is for you? Head over to our biweekly payment calculator page and enter some basic information about your loan. Our biweekly loan calculator will tell you how much faster you’ll pay off the loan on the Half a Payment plan and how much money you’ll save on interest. The truth is in the numbers, and it’s hard to say "no" to saving money!

See the savings by simply using our biweekly mortgage calculator, biweekly auto loan calculator, biweekly student loan calculator or our biweekly credit card calculator.