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Find out how much you can save by matching your paychecks to your bills. See your customized savings amount by simply clicking on the type of loan you want to calculate below.

Match Your Loan
with your payday
With Half A Payment you can simplify your finances with smaller, more frequent payments.

Even better, all payments are electronic and can be matched to your paycheck cycle, so you no longer need the hassle and expense of writing and mailing checks.

Half A Payment has been proven to improve your credit rating by assuring that your payments are paid on time, every time
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Reduce your
interest charges
With Half A Payment you can reduce your principal balance faster, which effectively reduces the amount of interest you are pay to your lender.

For instance: on a typical 30-year, $300,000 mortgage Half A Payment can save over $100,000 in equity acceleration and interest savings, reducing the loan term by approximately 7 years!
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Shorten your
current loan term
Half A Payment electronically deducts half of your monthly payment every 2 weeks and sends the payments directly to your lender for you.

When you set up payments in this way Half A Payment makes sure that extra payments are made on your behalf.

As a result your loan, lease or bill is paid off several months, and as much as several years earlier.
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Every little bit
Counts with
By only adding a small amount like $10 or $20 to your already low Half A Payment you can save even more.

Try it out and we will show you the savings both ways, with just the traditional Half A Payment and with the PaymentPlus.
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