Who is Half A Payment?
Half A Payment’s biweekly payment option has helped thousands of customers better manage their finances and achieve their long term financial goals. Half A Payment allows you to easily customize the timing of your payment. Instead of making monthly payments, you will make Half A Payment every 2 weeks. Over time this biweekly payment pattern will reduce the remaining balance more rapidly than a monthly payment or semi-monthly payment. This biweekly process accelerates the payoff of your loan or lease. Best of all, you can time the payments to your paydays.

Half A Payment provides biweekly payment processing for biweekly mortgage, biweekly automotive loan or biweekly lease, biweekly school loan, biweekly boat loan, biweekly personal loan, biweekly timeshare loan and biweekly credit card. We also provide biweekly payment solutions for any monthly bill such as biweekly rent, biweekly cable, biweekly daycare, biweekly cell phone, etc. as long as the monthly amount due does not vary.

Half A Payment’s biweekly processor has been in operation for over 10 years. It has processed over $4 billion in consumer biweekly loan payments and is one of the nation’s leading administrators in biweekly loan acceleration programs.

Half A Payment’s exclusive biweekly processor professionally controls the entire process from initiation to settlement. This means you can feel comfortable knowing that your biweekly payments are being handled securely and accurately for the duration of your loan.

Unlike most payment processing services, Half A Payment has the most flexible and advanced payment system available today. You can select any day of the week for your bi-weekly schedule, including making changes anytime to your program.

Start enjoying the savings, convenience and security worry-free by enrolling with a 90 day risk free trial in Half A Payment’s biweekly loan acceleration program today!