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Early Loan Payoff Calculator

It’s Not Just the Nest Egg

With more than 5,500 Americans turning 65 every day, retirement is an issue that gets a great deal of media coverage. Sadly, statistics and studies show that well over half of all senior citizens are not financially prepared for retirement. However, as CNNMoney points out, it’s never too late to take steps to improve your retirement situation. They point out several steps, three being most important: preparing a plan, deciding where to live, and eliminating as many debts as possible. At Half A Payment™ we will show you how our early loan payoff calculator helps you with that goal.

The CNNMoney article makes the point that having your mortgage eliminated is one of the key elements of both financial security and freedom. Our mortgage payoff calculator is a handy tool to help you see just how much money you will save on interest by following our approach to mortgage debt elimination. The number of months of payments that are eliminated with our simple methods is stunning to many.

 Half A Payment™

Once you have your mortgage situation under control, you can use the credit card payoff calculator at Half A Payment™ to see how our methods are also powerful tools to use for eliminating your credit card debt. When you enter just a few assumptions, our early loan payoff calculator gives you an immediate analysis of how much you save in total interest costs. It also tells you the months or years of payments that are shaved off. If you are like most, you will be surprised and motivated to start.

 The Power of Two Simple but Powerful Secrets

We’re always proud at Half A Payment™ to help people grasp the power behind the two methods we use to help you eliminate your debt burdens. While we use the mortgage payoff calculator and credit card payoff calculator to show the effect on those two common debt issues for retirement planning, our early loan payoff calculator is also effective for calculating savings on all the categories of debt you face. It allows a personalized analysis that deals with your unique situation.

Our two methods involve you making one-half of your monthly payment twice a month rather than once. The second element of the approach is to add a little extra to each payment. That has a major impact on the total savings you will see and is illustrated at different levels by simply changing the assumption you input to our early loan payoff calculator at the Half A Payment™ website.

Visit our bi-weekly calculators and add a boost to your retirement planning.

November 2, 2013
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