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Using a Mortgage Payoff Caculator to Prepare for RetirementThe Looming Crisis As the demographic wave of aging Americans approach retirement, many workers are ill-prepared to enter retirement from a financial perspective. According to International Business Times, well less than 50 percent of all future U.S. retirees will have any more than their less-than-adequate Social Security check to rely upon for survival. This can be somewhat remedied for many homeowners by use of a mortgage payoff calculator.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

The goal for all workers should be to enter retirement with no or very little debt and as many assets as possible. Because of the many advantages available in a reverse mortgage, it is especially important to eliminate debt on your home. All the equity available in a home after the age of 62 can be used to provide additional lifetime income to augment all other sources. Using a mortgage calculator with extra payments can provide a clear path to achieving this goal.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

A Workable Retirement Attitude – Using a Mortgage Payoff Calculator

A great deal of media focus on retirement deals with savings. That is fine, but an equal or greater priority should be on debt elimination. A loan payoff calculator such as that provided at Half A Payment™ shows how the right approach and attitude can save years of payments on debt for homes, cars, credit cards and other items. This can easily translate into tens of thousands of dollars in savings on interest payments. Most importantly, every dollar on debt payments that are eliminated is one dollar of income not needed in retirement years.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

We apply basic financial principles at Half A Payment™ that allow you to overcome the way interest and time normally work against those who have debt. By using a loan payoff calculator and making your monthly payments in half-installments twice a month plus adding a little extra to each payment, you are able to reduce the outstanding principal and save time and money while eliminating your debts.

With having a debt-free homestead as a priority, our mortgage calculator with extra payments shows how quickly you can achieve such a goal. Oftentimes getting out of debt simply requires planning and the motivation that a simple but powerful mortgage payoff calculator can provide. Visit Half A Payment™ today and take a big step towards a more secure retirement.

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September 30, 2013
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